Zofia Wysokinska

University of Lodz, Poland

Professor Zofia Wysokinska is a full professor and the Head of the Department of World Economy and European Integration at the UL Faculty of Economics and Sociology, nominated in 2005. She was the University of Lodz Pro-Rector in Charge of International Affairs, following her 2008-2009 election for the term 2009-2016. Professor Wysokinska gives lectures on international economics, sustainable development economics and economics of European integration. She was also an organizer and manager of the Eco-Business study field at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology. Her academic background includes the 1995 post-doctoral degree (Habil. Dr.) in Economics and the highest academic rank of Professor Ordinarius of Economic Sciences, attained in 2003. From 2002 to 2007 she performed the function of Vice Dean for Science of the UL Faculty of Economics and Sociology. She also worked as the University of Lodz coordinator for the USAID-funded Project MANTREE – (Management Training for Eastern Europe) – a joint project with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She opened a unique United Nations Depository Library (UNCTAD) at the University of Lodz. She has a long and rich international academic experience: between 1990 and 1998 she was a visiting fellow of Friedrich Ebert Foundation, European Commission Program ACE, British Government scholarship program at the University of Cambridge, as well as European University Institute in Florence scholarship program and the National University of Ireland. She lectured at the University of Rouen (France), the Eastern Oregon University (USA), the University of Vienna (Austria), the University of Cologne (Germany). In 2001, she was awarded the title of Jean Monnet Professor from the European Commission. She was appointed an expert and member of three work committees of international organizations. Since 2001, she had been a member of ITFA Board Of Directors seated at Ohio University and became ITFA President in 2008. During 2003-2009 she was a member of the Global Government Innovators Network organized by Ash Institute of Democratic Governance at John Kennedy School of Government - Harvard University. Professor Wysokinska’s had intense cooperation with the Polish government. In 2000, she served as an advisor to a minister at the Ministry of Economy and contributed to the government’s Report on the Costs and Benefits of Integration of the Republic of Poland with the European Union. Professor Zofia Wysokinska Ph.D. has been awarded Honorary Medal Etoile Civique (for lifetime contribution to the development of European cooperation - Paris 2002) as well as Silver and Gold Cross of Merit. She was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland (2009) and the National Education Committee Medal and the Medal for long service on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the University of Lodz (2015). Since 1998 she has been an editor of Comparative Economic Research for Central and Eastern Europe Journal of the UL Institute of Economics. The scientific output of Prof. Zofia Wysokinska Ph.D. amounts to approximately 270 publications. She was the promoter of 18 doctoral dissertations.