Robert C. Shelburne

United Nations

Robert C. Shelburne earned his PhD in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He had primary responsibility for preparing and coordinating UNECE economic reports, especially those for UN DESA, ECOSOC, those mandated from global Conferences and Summits and contributions for joint Regional Commission publications. Undertook numerous research studies investigating the growth performance of the European economies, their response to the global financial crisis, remittance and trade flows in the transition economies, financing issues regarding their development, and challenges in achieving sustainable development. Represented the UNECE at international conferences and meetings concerned with substantive economic issues including Project LINK. Responsible for identifying economic issues of concern to member states, analyzing those issues along with policy options, and bringing those to the attention of the Executive Secretary. Prepared briefing notes, speeches and other presentations for the UNECE Executive Secretary (and occasionally the UN Secretary General). Supervised the production of the UNECE annual report on the Millennium Development Goals. Managing editor for the UNECE Discussion Papers series.