Radu Vranceanu

ESSEC Business School, France

Radu Vranceanu is Professor of Economics at the ESSEC Business School and research fellow at the THEMA (CNRS) research center. He holds a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Paris II, HDR, and is widely recognized as having special expertise in the theory of expectations and the analysis of informational inefficiencies, which he has applied to various fields including financial and exchange rate crises, monetary and public debt policies, research management, defense economics, labor contracts and managerial behavior. He is now a driver of research in experimental economics at ESSEC, where he carried out several studies in team production, gender issues, lies and deception, cooperation in public goods games. In 2000-2001 Radu Vranceanu worked for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. He also served as a Dean for Research of ESSEC Business School for many years.