Franklin R. Root


The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, United States

Franklin R. root was a pioneering scholar, having written on topics such as political risk and multinational enterprises long before others. His book was published originally as International Trade: Theory, Policy, Practice by Southwest in 1959 (with Roland L. Kramer and Maurice Y. d’Arlin). The second edition was published as International Trade and Finance (Root, Kramer and d’Arlin) in 1966, and starting in 1978, as the classic textbook Root, International Trade and Investment, which went into seven editions by 1994. Russ retired from Wharton in 1993 but remained intellectually active, dedicating most of his time to history and philosophy. He left behind a giant professional legacy of intellectual and professional contributions that spanned pioneering work with Howard Perlmutter on multinational enterprises at Wharton, the presidency of the Academy of International Business (AIB), membership and subsequently deanship of the AIB Fellows. His last formal role at our academy was as AIB Historian.