Anthony Scaperlanda

Northern Illinois University, United States

Anthony Scaperlanda is a retired Economics Professor at the Department of Economics at the Northern Illinois University. He earned his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1964. His main research interests are in Direct Foreign Investment and Multinational Enterprise Expansion. Professor Scaperlanda was Assistant Professor at St. Cloud State College (Minnesota) in 1963-64, Visiting Professor at the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands) in 1970-71 and the University of Texas at Austin in 1979-80. He was Interim Assistant Provost for Resource Planning (1999 – 2001), Chair of the Department of Economics (1994-1999), Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (1984-86 and 1988-90), Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Economics (1975-79) and Acting Chair of the Department of Economics (1969-70). Professor Scaperlanda was professional member of the American Economic Association, Association for Evolutionary Economics, Association for Social Economics, the International Trade and Finance Association (Vice-President for Publications, 1992-95; President-Elect, 2000; President, 2001) and the Southern Economic Association. His numerous articles appeared in peer-reviewed journals. He authored or edited several books and monographs, such as: The Institutional Economics of the International Economy, (ed. with John Adams), 1996; The Financial Structure of the Foreign Affiliates of U.S. Direct Investors, 1972 and 1974; and Prospects for Eliminating Non-Tariff Distortions, 1973.